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Mind Mastery For Selling


Mind Mastery For Selling is an extraordinary program designed specifically to help you remove subconscious blockages preventing you from increasing your sales using Hemispheric Kinesiology (HK). HK is a success technology that helps you access, isolate and remove subconscious blockages preventing you from successfully accomplishing your goals. This remarkable program will help you understand why you are struggling with your sales and how you can change struggle to success using HK.

The Mind Mastery For Selling program includes the DVD titled “Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life,” and a powerful 30 minute CD titled “Successful Selling.” “Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life” will explain the Mind and the hemispheres of the brain and why you are not selling up to your full potential. Most importantly, it will show you step-by-step how to change struggle to success using HK. Imagine an onion. At its center is your true potential to succeed at sales.

Over the years you may have accumulated layers of subconsciously stored information preventing you from realizing your goal. The “Successful Selling” CD contains over 100 statements relating to sales and success followed by a performance trigger to help you peel away the layers of blockages (like an onion) preventing you from selling your best. The DVD will explain how the performance trigger works and why it is so effective. It will also show you how to keep both hemispheres of your brain switched on during your sales presentation so that you dramatically enhance your ability to close more effectively.


"Anyone doubting the Mind Mastery For Selling program is making a mistake. As a carsalesman I have never sold more than 15 vehicles in a month and I have been using your Mind Mastery For Selling program since the beginning of the month. Today is the 27th and I have sold 21. The second runner up salesman this month has 8."


"I own a booking service for local hotels and resorts. Months prior to my HK session I was averaging 5 bookings a month. Within 30 days of my session I sold 45 bookings!"


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