Athletes will spend hours working on mechanics or strategies before competition, but what do the do to mentally prepare? What do they do to insure that the decisions they make best supports them or their team in winning? Performance Consultants International now offers programs for the mental side of golf, tennis, basketball, football, soccer, pitching, hitting and coaching that shows you step-by-step how to mentally prepare for competition so that you play your best.

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                                      EXISTENTIAL PSYCHOPHYSICS

                   FIGURE A                                                  FIGURE B

                  (Switched Off)                                             (Switched On)

P.C.I. has worked with many athletes over the years and discovered that they have a tendency to weaken or switch off one or both hemispheres of the brain during competition. Especially during pressure situations. The reason? Stress!  When stress is present in an athlete's physical body the blood vessels constrict, and slows the flow of blood to the brain causing the brain to weaken or switch off. It is when the brain is in this weakened state that an athlete will miss an easy shot that he has made hundreds, or even thousands of times in practice.

Some years ago we hooked an electroencephalogram to an athlete to record a brain map to determine how he would react to setting a goal for winning a tournament. When I had him make the statement I immediately muscle tested (he muscle tested weak which indicated that there was stress present in his physical body relating to the statement) and we took a reading. The result is above in FIGURE A. Notice all the blue areas in his brain indicating the decrease of blood flow to his brain which caused his brain to weaken or switch off. It basically stressed him to state his goal for winning the tournament. It is when the brain is in this weakened state that an athlete will make an uncharacteristic mental error at a crucial point during the competition.

We then programmed in the HK Performance Trigger for the athlete; had him use the HK protocol; and had him restate the goal of winning the tournament. I muscle tested him again for the same statement of winning the tournament (It was a strong muscle test indicating that there was no stress present in his physical body relating to the statement). We then took another reading. The result is above in FIGURE B. Notice all the red areas in his brain indicating the increase of blood flow to his brain, and that both hemispheres of his brain were strong or switched on.

With his brain in this state, whatever he does in competition he will do well. When you can remain calm and relaxed during competition, especially during pressure situations, that is when the brain functions at maximum capacity. Since your brains controls all activity in your physical body, your brain will look like Figure B and you will achieve peak performance and that is when you win. The HK books, DVD and CDs will show you how to achieve this state, and mentally prepare for game day so that you perform your best. (Books are available in e-book format, kindle and at all major book sellers.) Do something positive for the mental part of your game.

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