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Mind Mastery For Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Mind Mastery For Peace Of Mind is an extraordinary program designed specifically to help you remove subconscious blockages preventing you from experiencing peace of mind using Hemispheric Kinesiology. HK is a success technology that helps you access, isolate and remove subconscious blockages preventing you from successfully accomplishing your goals. This remarkable program will help you understand why you are struggling with your search for peace of mind and what you can do to create positive change in your life.

The Mind Mastery For Peace Of Mind program includes a the DVD titled “Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life,” and a 30 minute CD titled “Peace Of Mind.” The brain controls all thought processes in the physical body. “Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life” will explain the Mind and the hemispheres of the brain and how they dramatically influence your ability to experience peace in your life. Most importantly, it will show you step-by-step how to change turmoil to peace of mind using HK.

Imagine an onion. At its center is your true potential to experience peace of mind. Over the years you may have accumulated layers of subconsciously stored information preventing you from realizing your goal. The “Peace Of Mind” CD contains over 100 statements relating to peace of mind followed by a performance trigger that allows you to peel away the layers of mental blockages (like an onion) preventing you from experiencing peace of mind. The DVD will explain how the performance trigger works and why it is so effective. It will also show you how to keep both hemispheres of your brain switched on so that you can create calm and peace in your life.


"A few weeks ago I purchased your HK book. Most impressive. After working with the HK process intensely, I have experienced many "shifts". Last week I received the "Peace of Mind" CD and I want to share what my experience was: Tuesday evening I 'by intention' to clear all historic and current issues that hold me back from being my most perfect self, listened to and did the "relax" work as you presented the issues. Then promptly went to sleep. I 'slept', without dreams or any level of consciousness until Thursday morning at 8:30 AM. (apparently I did use the bathroom during that time). When I awoke I was slightly disoriented, I drank a Green Smoothie and went back to a normal sleep. When I awoke in the afternoon, I was physically in, what is my experience of a Detox state (flu like) symptoms. This morning I am clear and feel quite well, although tired. Now through all of this it never occurred to me to be frightened. In fact, I feel as though all is well in my world with a great sense of peace. Thank you for being in the Universe, we need your gifts."


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