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"Competitive golf is played mainly
on a five-and-a-half-inch course...
the space between your ears."
                        Bobby Jones

                            Performance Consultants International

Have you ever been standing over a five foot birdie putt with a left to right break on the 18th hole of a golf tournament to win? Or, how about a quarterback whose team is down by a touchdown standing on the three yard line with a fourth and goal? Or, how about a pitcher whose team has a one run lead, and its the bottom of the ninth with two outs and bases loaded pitching to a batter with a 3-2 count? 

As an athlete these are moments of truth, and what you do during this moment of truth can determine the outcome of the game. Performance Consultants International has developed programs and books to help you be mentally prepared so that you can perform your best during these defining moments using Hemispheric Kinesiology (HK). 

“Too much as happened for it to be a coincidence that things turned around soon after your Mind Mastery For Golf program arrived. The First week brought a 3rd place finish in our PGA  Regional Club Professional Championship; followed 2 weeks later by a win in our local two day Pro Am. I am referring anyone who will use your program and I hope they are following through.” 
                                                    B.H., PGA Teaching Professional
                                                   New York

HK is a success technology that helps access, isolate and remove blockages preventing you from performing your best during competition. It explains how the hemispheres of your brain affect your athletic performance, and how you can maximize the use of both hemispheres of your brain so you can perform your best during competition.  Because of the limited space necessary to explain how HK works , please consider reading our testimonial page to learn how HK has helped others, and how it can help you.

"My biggest pitching problems have been staying back over the rubber, changing arm speed on off-speed pitches, and mentally losing focus after bloop hits, errors, walks, etc. These problems have caused inconsistency in velocity, command and composure. I have always underachieved in pitching.

I found your Mind Mastery For Pitching program easy to use because it doesn't ask you to think, you just listen to the CD. It's an unbelieveable thing! I used it before my last start and I couldn't believe the results. I have never felt so satisfied mentally and physically after a game."  

We offer Mind Mastery programs for golf, tennis, football, pitching, hitting, basketball, soccer, coaching and winning. The Mind Mastery programs include the DVD "Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life" and a CD that specifically relates to your sport.  Scroll furter down the page to view HK books by Ernest Solivan. The Mind Mastery programs are $39.95 plus shipping. Please contact us with any questions at

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Athletic Mind Mastery Programs:

Mind Mastery For Basketball
*  Mind Mastery For Coaching
*  Mind Mastery For Golf
*  Mind Mastery For Hitting
*  Mind Mastery For Pitching
*  Mind Mastery For Soccer
*  Mind Mastery For Tennis
Mind Mastery For Football
Mind Mastery For Winning (All other sports)  


Scroll down to view books by Ernest Solivan. To order or for more information please scroll down and click the title/link or interest. Paperback titles are $12.95. (Titles are also available in e-book format and are priced at $3.99)

HK Books by Ernest Solivan:


Hemispheric Kinesiology (A Language of Change)
*  Mastering The Mental Side Of Soccer             
*  Mastering The Mental Side Of Tennis
*  Mastering The Mental Side Of Hitting
*  Mastering The Mental Side Of Football
*  Mastering The Mental Side Of Pitching
*  Mastering The Mental Side Of Coaching
*  Mastering The Mental Side Of Winning
*  Mastering The Mental Side Of Basketball
*  Mastering The Mental Side Of Tournament Golf 
*  Mastering The Mental Side Of Putting


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