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Hemispheric Kinesiology
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In Loving Memory of Susan Solivan
1946 - 2014

"After considerable thought I have concluded that in
loving you I am able to love myself, and that it is
not adversity that introduces a man to himself,
but Love."
                    Ernest Solivan
                                                     To Know You And Not Love You Is

Hemispheric Kinesiology (HK) is a success technology that helps access, isolate and remove blockages preventing you from achieving success. It is based on the premise that if it stresses you to do something you are not going to do it well. We explain what creates the stress (in the form of blockages), and how that stress adversely affects the hemispheres of your brain during your attempts to successfully accomplish your goals. HK explains how you can neutralize the blockages so that you successfully accomplish your goals.  

Because of the limited space necessary to explain how this is done, please consider reading the testimonial page to learn how HK has helped others, and how it can help you.

We offer Mind Mastery programs for athletic and personal goals which contain the DVD "Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life" and a CD. The CDs and DVD may also be purchased separately. Lastly, scroll down to view books by Ernest and Susan Solivan. Please contact us with any questions at

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Athletic Mind Mastery Programs:

Mind Mastery For Basketball
*  Mind Mastery For Coaching
*  Mind Mastery For Golf
*  Mind Mastery For Hitting
*  Mind Mastery For Pitching
*  Mind Mastery For Soccer
*  Mind Mastery For Tennis
*  Mind Mastery For Football
*  Mind Mastery For Winning (All other sports)  

Other Mind Mastery Programs:

Mind Mastery For Money
Mind Mastery For Selling
Mind Mastery For Learning
Mind Mastery For Weight Loss
Mind Mastery For Fear                        
Mind Mastery For Pain
Mind Mastery For Self Esteem
* Mind Mastery For Peace of Mind

For informaiton on the DVD "Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life" please click the link below:
                                     Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life  


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* Winning At Basketball
Becoming A Winning Coaching
Winning At For Football
Mind Mastery For Golf
Becoming A 400 Hitter
Becoming A Winning Pitcher
Winning At Soccer
Winning At Tennis
Becoming A Winner
Money, Wealth & Prosperity
Becoming An "A" Student
Successful Selling
Peace Of Mind
Self Esteem
Healthy Weight Loss
Letting Go Of Fear
Living Pain Free
Becoming A Stress Free Teenager



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HK Books by Ernest Solivan:

Quantum Psychophysics
*  Mastering The Mental Side Of Soccer             
*  Mastering The Mental Side Of Tennis
*  Mastering The Mental Side Of Hitting
*  Mastering The Mental Side Of Football
*  Mastering The Mental Side Of Pitching
*  Mastering The Mental Side Of Coaching
*  Mastering The Mental Side Of Winning
*  Mastering The Mental Side Of Basketball
*  Mastering The Mental Side Of Tournament Golf 
*  Mastering The Mental Side Of Putting (New)
Other Books by Ernest Solivan:

*  To Know You And Not Love You Is Abnormal
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Books by Susan Solivan:

From Dragons To Butterflies: Trauma Resolution & Morphic Field
Energy Healing


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